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A New Water Pipe for a Lady Vicar From Rydal - Under the River!

Replacing damaged water pipes is a fairly routine job under normal circumstances. But the problem with this one was that it ran under the River Rothay at Rydal. The original water pipe was washed away by the floods at the end of 2009.

We had to wait for the water levels to drop in order to replace it. Luckily an unusually dry Spring meant that the river level was low, and as long as the rain held off long enough for us to complete the job all would be OK. Or so we thought ...

Pipe Laying Job Photo 1

Boots off, wellies on!

Pipe Laying Job Photo 2

Prepare the main section of outer pipe. The water bearing pipe will be encased in this for protection.

Pipe Laying Job Photo 3

Dig a trench across the river, keeping disturbance of the river bed to a minimum. Note that the "bobcat" sits on a specially prepared platform of rock.

Pipe Laying Job Photo 4

Laying the central part of the outer pipe, with inner pipe running through it.

Pipe Laying Job Photo 5

At each bank the pipe has to be secure and with no kinks.

Pipe Laying Job Photo 6

Getting the inner and outer pipes in place

Pipe Laying Job Photo 7

Adjusting the length of both inner and outer pipe will be crucial. A discussion over whether it is too short or not ensues.

Pipe Laying Job Photo 8

With the pipe pulled straight it is time to add another section of outer pipe for added protection.

Pipe Laying Job Photo 9

Using high tech equipment in the field!

Pipe Laying Job Photo 10

With everyone happy that the pipe is the right length it is time to secure the pipeline to the river bed ...

Pipe Laying Job Photo 11

... not forgetting to add connectors so it can be fitted to the main supply pipe in the field.

Pipe Laying Job Photo 12

The trench is now ready to be carefully filled in, using large slabs covered with smaller boulders for maximum protection.