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Your kitchen may look fine on top, with nice work tops and all the latest accessories, but what about underneath.

Under the sink, behind the washing machine, at the back of the cooker, all are places where even the best looking kitchen can turn into a nightmare.

Getting everything plumbed in properly is essential. You need pipes that are properly jointed, washing machines that wash your clothes and not the floor and taps that don't drip.

In short, you need it to be as functional behind the scenes as it is beautiful to look at. Sadly we've been called to enough emergencies to know that not all kitchens are fitted as well as we fit them.

Our experience is invaluable when it comes to keeping your kitchen working. From leaking tap washers to faulty gas pipes, we can handle any job. And when it comes to fitting out your new kitchen we pride ourselves in doing a job that won't need the services of an emergency plumber.


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